Sore Arms and Wide Smiles - Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals 2009


Sore Arms and Wide Smiles - Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals 2009

SALZBURG (AUT). A total of 253 athletes from 83 nations pushed the limits of physics with nothing more than a sheet of standard A4 paper this weekend as Red Bull Paper Wings returned after its successful debut in 2006.
The path to the World Finals in Salzburg was long and difficult, with the 253 pilots representing their countries in Austria having to prove themselves against an incredible 37,017 competitors taking part in 613 qualifying tournaments across the globe.
In the Longest Airtime category it was Leonard Ang (BRA) who used the official Paper Plane World Championship paper (80g/m2) to best effect as his plane touched down after a flight lasting 11.66 seconds. Second and third places were claimed by Switzerland (Michael Kummer) and Israel (Gil Totan) respectively.
Japan’s Takeshige Kishlura Kisshii took first place in the Aerobatics category ahead of Poland’s Tomasz Chodyra, Germany’s Waldemar Hoffmann and Ryan Naccarato (ex-equo/USA). “Flying here to the World Championships was my first ever time in a real plane! Now I’m off back home as champion! Nobody will believe me when I get back to Japan,” laughed a delighted Kisshii after claiming victory.
Jovica Kozlica (CRO) was the only champion from 2006 able to defend his title in 2009 as he once again secured top spot in the Longest Distance category with a throw of 54.43 metres. “I slept with an ice pack on my shoulder last night. Three weeks of intensive training had taken their toll on my throwing arm,” admitted the Croat after crowning himself Red Bull Paper Wings World Champion for the second time in succession.
Final Results Longest Airtime: 1. Leonard ANG (Brazil) 11,66 sec; 2. Michael KUMMER (Switzerland) 10,60 sec; 3. Gil DOTAN (Israel) 9,95 sec

Final Results Aerobatik: 1. Takeshige Kishiura KISSHII (Japan); 2. Tomasz CHODYRA (Poland); 3. Waldemar HOFFMANN (Germany)/Ryan NACCARATO (USA)

Final Results Longest Distance: 1. KOZLICA (Croatia) 54,43 m; 2. Mike OPLAND (USA)  54,30 m; 3. Dylan PARKER (Australia)  40,78 m