Paper Wings Takes Flight At Auckland Unitec


Paper Wings Takes Flight At Auckland Unitec

Paper Wings pilots re visited their youth at Auckland Uni Tec as the Red Bull Paper Wings Qualifier took flight. Paper Wings is a unique event that challenges New Zealand’s university student to create and fly their own paper planes in one of three categories, Aerobatics, Distance and Airtime in the hopes of winning a trip to Austria to represent their country at the Red Bull Paper Wings World Final.

Alvin Singh won the aerobatic section with a score of 27 points, Alvins flight will be uploaded on to where his peers will get the chance to vote for his aerobatics, or the other New Zealand University Aerobatics winners on Friday 30th of March. If he comes out on top he will be winging his way to represent New Zealand at the World Finals.

Airtime and Distance is simple, longest in flight or distance flown wins. Sateki Tameifuna took out longest airtime with 5.86 seconds. "I think I've been practising for more then 40 mins which was a lot of time. When I was little I used to go outside with my cousins and some friends and have a little competition about who is gonna be the best on air time." he said

.Giovanni Huch flew his paper plane the furthest distance with 23.60 meter’s. Both these winners take away a year’s supply of Red Bull; they too have a chance at representing New Zealand at the World Final if their scores go un-beaten by other University students participating in Paper Wings across the country.

Alvin Singh - 27 points
Satoshi Shimada - 25 points
Aaron Henry - 23 Points

Sateki Tameifuna - 5.86secs
Kevin Toto - 5.71 secs
Amos Robertson - 5.25 secs

Giovanni Huch - 33.60
Yoonho Oh - 26.79
Lea Solo - 26.72