Red Bull Paper Wings 2012 / Hangar-7 / Salzburg / Austria


Red Bull Paper Wings 2012 / Hangar-7 / Salzburg / Austria

The goal is to fly, not land. Thousands of pilots, dozen of qualifiers all over the planet. Paper airplanes are going aloft around the world in an attempt to reach the world finals of the Red Bull Paper Wings 2012 World Championship. There are three categories for the finals (May 2012, Hangar-7, Salzburg, Austria) – longest airtime, longest distance and aerobatics. But a word of warning: The goal is to fly, not to land.


The world champion will be determined for the third time at a location where lovingly restored aviation rarities are usually on display. Everybody will have the chance for an unforgettable adventure in aviation.
The dimensions of the competition have nearly doubled in just a short time. There were 48 countries that had national qualifiers in 2006. There were already more than 85 countries taking part for the second edition of the contest. Right now 500 qualification events in more than 85 countries are ready to take off.


All it takes is a piece of paper. It’s of secondary importance what form the ordinary piece of paper (80g/m2) takes when it takes off from the hand. All forms of assistance or devices

Meditating, tinkering and testing the aerodynamics are what needs to be done. All forms of assistance or supplementary devices are forbidden in the “longest distance“ and “longest airtime“ categories. Solely with the “acrobatics“ are the hobby engineers allowed to use scissors, glues and other materials.


Do you want to take off too? Do you think you’ve know the best way to fold a paper airplane? Or do you have the right arm strength for the long distance or longest airtime flights? Or do you have an excessive amount of creativity that you want to pour into acrobatics? If you do, then sign up now.